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Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, PLASTRADE is a leading supplier of dispensing solutions in Central & Eastern Europe since 1989 with customers in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Moldova, as well as Latvia and Lithuania.

PLASTRADE is the official representative of AFA for 30 years in the Central Eastern European region.

We are proud to supply high-quality packaging for companies working in the chemical, automotive, home & garden, beauty & personal care, as well as the veterinary medicine industry.

Our product range varies from diverse dispensing systems to innovative trigger sprayers with unique possibilities for a customized product display.

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afa dispensing.


Headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, AFA is a leading developer and a global supplier of technology-rich, liquid dispensing products, and is the preferred supplier of many of the top brands in home and garden care, food, beverage and other packaged goods. 

Its latest propellant-free bottle and spray platform – Flair and Flairosol – are the most advanced and wide range alternative to aerosol and pressurized packages.

Besides completely new products which are being developed, the already existing range is also being brought to an even higher level by making them more sustainable (recyclability, PCR sprayers, refill options). 

AFA has its state-of-the-art production sites China.
Sales, logistics and customer services centers are located in Eindhoven, New Jersey and Shanghai.

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Our products offer the latest innovations in both dispensing technology and design, while  assuring an outstanding spraying performance guaranteeing the highest customer satisfaction.


Continuous, 360° low noise, fine solutions delivery.

Flairosol delivers a better-than-aerosol spray quality that sets brands apart. It’s a next generation trigger-based dispensing technology that eschews conventional propellant gases and pressurized containers. The product is also completely isolated, which means a superior overall product experience is achieved.

Delivering a remarkable spray quality, Flairosol is engineered with multi-patented technologies. Its very fine mist combined with continuous spray functionality covers large areas quickly, evenly and in all directions from first to last drop.


  • Fine mist
  • Propellant free
  • Continuous spray
  • 360° application
  • Unique design
  • Non-pressurized container
  • Product isolation
  • Near 100% evacuation
  • Environmental advantages
  • Viscosity calibration
  • Refill packs



Flairosol heralds a new era in trigger dispensing technology. Free from the challenges faced by conventional aerosols and trigger dispensers, Flairosol exceeds the high performance expectations and environmental demands of sprayable dispensing solutions across a variety of applications, including but not limited to plant care, pet care, personal care, car care and oils. Flairosol often exceeds the exacting needs of customers and delivers consistently on the high performance expectations of end-users.


the bestseller trigger spayer.

Since its launch in 2008, Afa’s OpUs has proven to be the fastest selling trigger sprayer in history. OpUs offers technological and marketing advantages to our customers through environmentally friendly all-plastic polyolefin construction, pre-compression functionality and stylish looks and feel.  This true pre-compression trigger sprayer provides superior spray and foam patterns while perpetually maintaining prime.

The OpUs sprayer is also available (since the summer of 2019) as PCR sprayer, it is named the OpUs Verte.


  • Powerful pre-compression dispensing; premium spray & foam patterns, minimal fall-off, perpetually primed
  • Durable all-plastic construction
  • Continuous thread/screw-on and snap-on neck finishes available
  • Variety of spray and foam patterns available
  • Range of optional features including 360o spraying, labeling and passive venting
  • Certified child-resistant trigger sprayers in Europe and the United States
  • Multiple outputs available

opus verte

The only all polyolefin pre-compression trigger sprayer made with PCR-resin which is available in multiple colors.

AFA’s best-selling product – the OpUs trigger sprayer, is available in a new colorful version that is made with Post-Consumer Recycled resin. This new sprayer within AFA’s portfolio is named the OpUs Verte (Verte = Green). The sprayer was developed with the goal to reduce overall virgin plastic resin consumptions by at least 50%. OpUs Verte, although made with recycled plastics, maintains the same high performance of its predecessor, the OpUS.


Most PCR based sprayers are available in black or dark grey only. AFA was able to secure a white stream of post-consumer products, recycled to PCR resin by a certified and reliable supplier. As a result, OpUs Verte is available in various color options, even in white(!), so that brands can opt for PCR without sacrificing their brand image and own color identity.


  • Made with PCR resin
  • Many color variations are possible!
  • The same basic overall strong features as the OpUs trigger sprayer
  • High performance and quality


the classic product in a new shape.

OpAd has been on the market since 2002 and has been a success ever since. After 15 years it is time for a new OpAd member within the trigger family. OpAd2 is the successor of our OpAd trigger sprayer. The OpAd2 provides a perfect foam and spray pattern and with 2 cc output it generates the highest output on the consumer sprayer market at present. It is a light weight, all polyolefin, sprayer and with its pre-compression functionality and robust look and feel, OpAd2 offers technological and marketing advantages to our customers.


  • OnePak pre-compression engine
  • Perfect spray and foam
  • No dripping
  • No leaking
  • Powerful output
  • Robust look and feel
  • Light-weight
  • Modern and appealing design
  • Consumer trigger with the highest output on the consumer market
  • Maximum evacuation of the liquid because of the curved dip tube


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